10 Things You Never Knew About Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control in Central Illinois

May 7, 2019

How much do you know about mosquitoes? It’s likely that many things you think you know are not completely true. You might be surprised at some of the following facts about mosquitoes and mosquito control in central Illinois.

Take the following quick quiz to see how much you know. Answers and additional information are found below.

True or False?

  1. There are 99 varieties of mosquito.
  2. Mosquitoes bite humans.
  3. Male mosquitoes are vegetarians.
  4. Mosquitoes are difficult to outrun due to their fast flight patterns.
  5. If you didn’t swat them away, a swarm of mosquitoes could completely drain your body of blood in minutes.
  6. A strip of land in the Caribbean is named after these pests.
  7. Mosquitoes will keep feeding until you swat them away or kill them.
  8. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases.
  9. There is a mosquito in Canada that has a wingspan of 15 feet.
  10. There is nothing you can do to help with mosquito control.


  1. There are more than 2,500 varieties of mosquito. They can be found around the world, from the Arctic to the tropical rainforests.
  2. They actually suck on their prey rather than bite.
  3. Only females drink blood, to provide protein for making eggs. Males live on nectar and juices from plants.
  4. Mosquitoes only fly up to 1.5 mph. So, yes, you can outrun them.
  5. To drain the average human, it would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes, all sucking at once.
  6. The so-called Mosquito Coast in Honduras and Nicaragua is actually a mispronunciation of the name of the Miskito Indians who are native to that area.
  7. Believe it or not, mosquitoes do get full. A chemical signal eventually shuts down their intake.
  8. Top killers include malaria, yellow fever and West Nile virus. Malaria kills 1,000,000 people each year in Africa.
  9. True—but don’t worry. This monstrous mosquito is a steel statue located at a roadside attraction in Manitoba. The oversized insect is also a weathervane. Sculpted in 1984, it is the world’s largest statue of a mosquito.
  10. Homeowners can take many steps to prevent mosquito breeding in their area. Here are a few tips to keep these unwelcome pests off your property.
    • Remove any sources of standing water. Dispose of old tires, buckets and unused kiddie pools. Keep flowerpots and pet dishes fresh. Keep gutters clean, and check exterior faucets and AC units for leaks to prevent long-standing puddles.
    • Keep drainage healthy. Fill swampy areas and ditches. Ensure grading is appropriate. Irrigate lawns and gardens in such a way as to avoids standing water.
    • Keep stored items dry. If items such as pools, trailers or boats are covered with tarps, drain any trapped water after each rainfall to prevent standing water from inviting mosquitoes.

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