Do You Have a Wasp Infestation in Central Illinois? Here’s What You Need to Know

August 8, 2019

Is there a wasp infestation on your Central Illinois property? Here’s what you need to know about the wasps invading your space and how to get a handle on the problem.

First and foremost, any attempt to remove an indoor or outdoor wasp infestation is best left to your local pest control professionals. An insect control company has the experience, products, tools and equipment to safely resolve the issue. Bringing in an expert also offers better assurance that the wasps will not return to bother you anytime soon.

Wasps in the house

Wasps are not small, but they aren’t especially large either, so getting inside your home or commercial building through openings is not all that challenging for them. Sealing any openings that lead inside is a critical step toward effective wasp prevention, and at keeping out other pests like spiders and flies as well. But why do wasps want to come in? Reasons include looking for food and water, scouting out nesting sites or seeking shelter from the weather. They may also get inside purely by accident.

Why wasps are inside

The following are a few conditions and situations that cause wasps to infest a home:

  • Nests built close to openings: Wasps could be coming inside your home because openings are located conveniently near where they’ve built their nests. Common areas include damaged window screens, attic circulation vents and open exterior doors. Be absolutely sure that the wasps’ nest is gone before sealing up openings—otherwise, wasps trapped behind walls will begin chewing through materials in anger and desperation to get out.
  • Looking for a place to spend the wintertime: The lifecycle of wasps depends on fertile queens in colonies finding a spot to hunker down for the winter. Attics are cozy for queens, and they are not likely to leave during the winter months, but come spring they’ll become trouble, as they’ll want to get outside.
  • Accidental intrusion: Sometimes, wasps end up inside homes on accident. They get in through open doors or windows or hitchhike on anything that enters your home. Once inside, they’ll check for food and potential mates.

Problems caused by wasps

If a wasp has the chance to build a nest inside your house, the result could be an infestation. Infestations can damage walls and ceilings, even attract other pests with their discarded nests. Wasps are also associated with allergic reactions in people. Someone might end up in the emergency room from a single wasp sting. The good news is that wasps that are inside during the winter are not very aggressive, and likely won’t sting unless threatened.

If wasps that get inside decide to build nests behind a wall or in a hidden corner, it can go unnoticed until it’s too late. However, you may not necessarily have to worry about an infestation if you see a single wasp. After all, it may have come in by accident.

For help with a wasp infestation in Central Illinois, call the team at Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. today!

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