Is There a Link Between Pets and Pests in Central Illinois?

November 7, 2019

Your family pet, whether a cat, dog or rabbit, undoubtedly brings tons of joy to everyone in the household. But is it possible that your furry best friend could be unknowingly attracting unwanted pests into your home as well? Your local pest control specialists are here to examine if there is indeed a connection between your lovable pets and pests in Central Illinois that find their way into your home, and what you can do to discourage this union.

Can pets carry pests?

Small insects like bed bugs and fleas like to move from place to place looking for new food sources, and oftentimes this transport can happen via the fur of your family pet. Even if your home is spotless, your pet can easily get into a neighbor’s trash in an alleyway, and these opportunistic pests will inadvertently be led right inside your home. You can avoid this, though, by making sure to give your pet a bath as often as you are able.

Monitor your pet’s outdoor activities

When pests make their way into your home, they are typically in search of reliable sources of food and warm shelter. Unfortunately, the presence of your pet could be alerting potential pest invaders that both food and shelter are plentiful in your home. If your pet spends just as much time outdoors as they do indoors, you might leave food and water dishes outside for them to enjoy at their leisure. It is very likely that small animals in the area know about this, too, which might in turn encourage them to hang around your property more than you would like.

If you do like to leave food outside for your pet, make sure that it’s only your pet that is consuming the food, and consider that it might be best for you to try to eliminate this practice altogether if possible. While it might be a convenient and tasty indulgence for your pet, the last thing you want to do is invite neighborhood pests and rodents to also come and feast at your home every day.

Always clean up

You can also deter pests by being diligent in cleaning up after your pet relieves themselves, whether that is indoors or out. Oftentimes there are still small pieces of food remaining in your pet’s feces, and crafty foragers such as raccoons and rats can sniff this out and will be drawn to your property as a result.

While a connection between pets and pests in Central Illinois does exist, thoroughly cleaning up behind your pet and making sure to keep them clean can help to keep unwanted critters out of your home.

If you do find that you have a pest infestation on your hands, there is no need to panic. Our experienced team at Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. has been dealing with pest invasions of all kinds since 1950, regardless of where they may have originated, and we will work quickly to make sure that your home stays safe and pest-free for both you and your pets. To get rid of uninvited pests right away, give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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