Signs There Are Rodents in Your Home

May 4, 2020

Mice and other rodents are notorious for invading homes in search of food, and leaving behind plenty of unpleasant signs and reminders of their presence. They also carry disease and can cause costly damage to your home, clothing and food supply, so attacking the problem right away is crucial in saving time, money and frustration. Eventually, if your pest problem becomes too large, you’ll need to recruit a professional service to eliminate them at the source.

But what if you’ve already hired a pest control service, and you’re still finding signs of rodents in Central Illinois? How do you tell whether they’re from before or after the pest control technician visited? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • You see fresh droppings: Fresh droppings are darker and moist, whereas old ones become crumbly and lighter in color. If you see fresh droppings around your home, it means that you almost certainly have a new infestation in your house.
  • You find new gnaw marks: It’s pretty clear that rodents are around when you see gnaw marks in food, packaging and your trash. You should also look to see if there are new gnaw marks around your baseboards and other areas where mice and rats might try to get in or out.
  • You find a new nest: Mice and rats use shredded paper, plants and fabric to make nests for themselves. If you find new deposits of these material, you can bet that there are new rodents making their way inside.
  • There are new, foul odors: Mice and rats give off foul odors, which may especially excite your dogs or cats. If your pets are going crazy in certain areas of the home, they might be picking up on fresh rodent smell.
  • You notice tracks: Lay a fine coating of baby powder or flour where you suspect the rodents are running. If you see fresh tracks, you’re dealing with a new rodent infestation.
  • You see rodents during the daytime: Generally, if mice only come out at night, the population may still be relatively small. However, if you start seeing them in the daytime, their emboldened actions could indicate that their population is much bigger, and will almost certainly require professional help to eradicate.
  • Your outdoor trash or compost are disturbed: Many people store their trash outdoors or have a compost heap in their backyard. If you’re one of them, inspect the trash to see if there are any signs of a rodent infestation. You might also consider getting the trash and compost away from the sides of your home.

Call a professional right away when you notice signs of a rodent infestation.

Signs of rodents in your Central Illinois home? Call pest control today

Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. can help you eliminate a rodent infestation quickly and affordably. We’ll examine your home for signs of rodents in Central Illinois, figure out how they’re getting in and removing the current population. Don’t let rodents destroy your belongings and jeopardize your health—call us today for a free inspection and to learn more about our services.

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