Tips for Keeping Pests out This Winter

November 7, 2020

Many homeowners struggle to prevent winter pests from crashing their holiday parties. Prevention is key to avoiding infestations, and nobody knows better than your local pest control experts in central Illinois. Check out these simple tips for keeping out winter pests this holiday season.

Store Food with an Airtight Seal

You might’ve gotten away with leaving food items partially open during the summer, but in the winter, hungry critters will do whatever it takes to attain food. Rats and mice can easily dig their claws into a cereal box or bag of potato chips. Storing food in animal proof containers will send rodents looking for sustenance elsewhere.

Food containers with an airtight seal have the additional benefit of preserving freshness. They keep out winter pests and allow us humans to enjoy delicious holiday leftovers for as long as possible. You can rest easy after a huge feast knowing tiny critters won’t get their claws all over your world-famous roast beef!

Inspect Clutter for Little Stowaways

More important than food, rodents will be looking for warm shelter. They love dark, cluttered spaces uninhabited by humans, like attics and crawl spaces. Prevent winter pests from nesting in your stuff by tidying up storage areas. Throw out what you don’t need and organize what’s left before rodents even think about entering your home.

Food isn’t the only thing that requires airtight containers. In addition to rodents, you’ll also have to watch out for the brown recluse spider spinning its web in your favorite pair of summer heels. Before the weather gets cold, pack seasonal clothing away to deter those creepy critters.

Keep Trash Bins in the Garage

Rats and mice aren’t the only scavengers in central Illinois. Raccoons live off the food scraps we toss into garbage bins. When homeowners leave bags on the curb for collection, that’s an open invitation to every trash panda in the neighborhood. To avoid this, keep garbage bins in your garage until it’s necessary to set them outside.

Also, keep out winter pests with lids that have a good seal. Raccoons want an easy meal and will leave your garbage alone if it’s locked up tight. Remember, the best way to prevent winter pests from invading your home is by cutting off their food supply.

Clean up the Festivities

Party hosts in central Illinois will be exhausted from the festivities and leave kitchen cleanup for the next day. Unfortunately, holiday treats and uncovered leftovers are easy pickings for rodents while you’re asleep. Store all those homemade goodies in Tupperware and give the floor a quick sweep once all your guests return home.

Don’t let your house turn into a bed and breakfast for pests this winter season. Get in touch with the professionals at Crist Termite and Pest Solutions to fortify your home against pesky critters. Our exterminators wipe out infestations and make your house immune to future attacks. When all else fails, our pest control experts will help you get through the winter.

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