Pests and Cold Weather

February 19, 2021

Different times of the year pose different challenges when it comes to pests. In winter, you’re more likely to have small rodents enter your home as they seek refuge from the intense cold. But they’re not the only potential threat—everything from termites to ants and the dreaded bedbugs are also liable to pop up.

If you’re wondering about the relationship between pests and cold weather in Central Illinois because you’ve spotted an invader in your home, you may want to bring in the professionals. Let’s take a look at the leading pest problems that may cause problems at your home or business.


Rats will come into your home when they’re looking for someplace warm. Though they’re larger than most pests, they’re capable of fitting their bodies into very tiny spaces. They will often make a nest in a basement or another dark part of the structure. They’re particularly hazardous in the sense that they may chew through wires and can carry diseases like jaundice and cowpox. Make sure to block any potential entrances to the home and keep a look out for droppings or other signs that they’re on the loose.


These can enter your home at any time of the year. While many bugs are seasonal, bedbugs aren’t, and they can find a way back if you stay at a hotel room or other area affected by an infestation. Make sure to check your bags and clothes before returning home from any trip for signs of bedbugs to eliminate the problem before it starts.


These pesky insects find ways into your home via cracks and holes. If you bring a plant in for the winter, they may venture out looking for food. When you spot one, you know that there are likely more following behind.


Though typically associated with warm weather, the reality is that these insects are liable to reproduce until February. Termites live in colonies and are known for causing extensive property damage. Ensure that you dispose of any yard waste quickly and seal off as many entries as possible to avoid these pests.


These critters can shrink down to a tiny size and slip through any hole the size of a dime. They like to live in dark areas and can quickly become a problem. They may chew through the drywall and infest any food storage area.

The next time you’re dealing with unwanted winter pests in Central Illinois, turn to Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. Our team has been helping the region since 1950 with top-notch pest control services. We are a multi-generational company that understands that customers should be treated like family. We have always provided quality service at a reasonable price, with customer satisfaction as our number one goal.

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