What Diseases Are Carried by Insects?

March 5, 2021

You might think that insects in your home are gross and unsightly, but ultimately harmless. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. While there’s no reason to panic, the safest practice is to ensure that you deal with an infestation before it becomes a serious threat to your family’s health and wellbeing.

If you’re concerned about diseases carried by insects in Central Illinois, you may want to bring in the professionals to assess the situation. Read on to find out more about the most common diseases that insects are liable to spread.

Lyme disease

This is a condition that has become increasingly common as deer tend to appear more frequently in suburban and urban areas. Deer ticks specifically are the insects that spread Lyme disease. These brownish-black insects are tiny and spread Lyme via latching onto human skin.

One of the most obvious symptoms of Lyme disease is the telltale red ring rash. In addition, you may suffer from flu-like symptoms like fever, fatigue and headaches. Occasionally, Lyme disease can develop into a long-term condition that will require considerable medical attention. This can include prescribing antibiotics for treatment or problems with long-term arthritis.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever

This one has a confusing name, as it often pops up in other parts of the country, including Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina. This bacterial infection is spread by ticks.

It can result in a nasty combination of symptoms, including vomiting, nausea, confusion, headache and fever. Most cases begin with a rash that includes flat red spots that develop into purple spots. These rashes often start on the ankles and wrists, then spread to the palms and soles.

West Nile virus

This disease is spread by mosquitoes, and outbreaks tend to get a lot of media coverage. The best way to avoid this is to ensure your property is free of standing water, which will attract plenty of mosquitoes. Many people who contract West Nile experience very mild or no symptoms. However, some people, especially older patients, have a severe reaction, including a high fever, seizures and loss of consciousness.

If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from any of the above conditions, you should seek medical attention immediately.

The fact is that pests and disease in Central Illinois will continue to be linked. That’s why it’s a smart idea to bring in the experts when you’re dealing with an insect or rodent infestation. Trust Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc., which has been serving the region since 1950 with top-notch pest control services.

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