Why Are Bedbugs Getting Stronger?

March 19, 2021

Here’s something you might not want to hear: bedbugs are getting stronger. The science is undeniable.

A recent study from researchers in Australia discovered that a specific type of bedbug with thicker skin is becoming more prevalent, and that these bedbugs are much more resistant to some of the most common pesticides used in residential settings.

So, if you’ve been having problems with bedbugs in Central Illinois, you might need to take some additional steps to make sure the problem is fully eradicated.

About the study

What researchers found was that thicker exoskeletons resulted in more time being required to “knock down” the insect. “Knocking down,” for the purposes of this study, was defined as bugs not being able to get back up after being knocked out or stunned by pesticides.

Researchers used a pyrethroid insecticide in the study. This is a type of chemical that bedbugs are suddenly becoming increasingly resistant to. The average cuticle/exoskeleton thickness of bedbugs had a positive correlation with the amount of time to a knockdown. There were some significant differences in the structures of bugs knocked down within two and four hours, as well as those that were still moving at 24 hours.

This isn’t the only study that has produced similar results, as another one took place in the United States in January.

Professional help is needed

What this means is that bedbugs are getting stronger and evolving to be able to combat most of the pesticides used to get rid of them in Central Illinois. This means it’s up to professionals in the world of pest control to adjust the methods they’re using to fight against bedbugs and make sure the pesticides they’re using are both effective but also safe for use in residential settings.

For some pest control companies, this may mean carefully analyzing their current inventory of pesticides and deciding if there are any measures they’ll need to take to change or upgrade their chemical agents.

For homeowners, this means a greater reliance on professionals. While you can purchase some pesticides that you spray yourself from various hardware and home good stores, you’re better off working with professionals who stay up to date about these types of studies, as well as the latest advances in pesticides that are proven to work on getting rid of bedbug infestations and populations. If you attempt to use pesticides yourself, there’s a chance you might not be using the right kind, or using them in a way that won’t actually be effective against bugs that are adapting to these products through physical forms of evolution.

Ultimately, working with a professional helps you ensure you can deal with the problem immediately and thoroughly. There’s a much greater chance you will completely resolve the issue with professional assistance than by trying to take on the eradication of the pests yourself.

Since bedbugs in Central Illinois are getting stronger, are you interested in learning more about the steps we take to eliminate bedbug infestations in residential environments? We encourage you to contact Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. with any questions.

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