Late Summer Pests to Watch For

July 19, 2021

The summer brings out many things, including bathing suits, barbecues and bugs. Summer pests can be a nuisance and an unwelcome visitor at any outdoor gathering, but they can also become invasive in your home—and late summer can be especially bad when it comes to certain pests.

In the late summer, pests will start looking for a safe, comfortable place to hunker down for the cold winter months—and what’s safer and more comfortable than your home? It would be a compliment coming from a fellow human, but coming from a pest, it’s quite a bit less appealing.

Here’s a few of the pests you should be wary of in the late summer, and how to deal with them if you notice them.


The most common kinds of cockroaches found in America like a warmer habitat, so you might start to find these critters in your home starting in the late summer months. Not only might they invade your space, but they also tend to mate upon settling into indoor shelters. But wait—it gets worse. Once their egg sacs hatch, they become the ultimate family bug, spending time with the brood while they grow and infest your home.

Prime spots for cockroaches are anywhere it’s warm, dark and humid. That means attics, basements and crawl spaces are especially susceptible to cockroach infestations. One way you can help avoid this is to make a point to organize these spaces in the late summer. Clear out anything that’s no longer needed, and look for new sources of moisture or humidity. While doing so, keep an eye out for cockroaches, and call a pest control professional if you find any.


Unless its name is Mickey or Minnie, you don’t want to invite any mice into your home. The same goes for rats—but sometimes they just invite themselves in anyway, don’t they? This is especially prominent in late summer, when rodents like this start stockpiling food and looking for shelter to be protected during the cold winter months. They are looking for a warm, dry and dark place to nest over the winter, and your home is just that!

They usually start doing this work after it gets dark, so there’s a good chance you won’t notice them doing so in your home. They can get in via cracks or holes in the exterior of the home or via openings like windows, doors, utility lines or floorboards. Rodents are keen to be near a food source, so it’s important to keep all your food properly stored and to clean up any leftovers or spilled food sooner rather than later.

Other pests

There are other pests to watch out for as well, including stink bugs, spiders and any number of creepy crawlies. Different pests require different solutions. When you need experienced professionals ready to handle any type of pest with minimal inconvenience to your living situation, get in touch with Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. for the best in pest control.

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