How Active Are Rodents in the Winter?

November 2, 2021

While many people assume rats and mice hibernate during the winter, this isn’t the case. Sure, these rodents slow down in cold temperatures, but they remain active. In fact, you may see more rodents in or near your home in winter, as they seek warm places to hide out.

Read on to learn more about the habits of rodents during winter. We’ll also provide some information on preventing rodents from seeking shelter in your home.

Where do rodents go in winter?

Like most creatures, rodents of all varieties seek out somewhere warm to spend the winter. These spots might include holes in the ground or the walls of your home. As mentioned above, rodents tend to slow down during winter, but they still seek out food and water. Your home could be very enticing, as it offers the promise of food, shelter and warmth.

Keeping the rodents away

There are many factors that attract a rodent to your home in winter aside from the promise of warmth. A messy home, for example, offers rodents plenty of places to hide. If you have a messy garage or unorganized kitchen cabinets, consider straightening up before the colder weather starts to hit. This will leave rodents without anywhere to hide, and they’ll likely end up being uninterested in your home.

Avoid providing easy access to food and water, including open pet food bags, standing water and dirty dishes. Be sure to immediately wipe up any spills, and store food in sealed containers. Also, don’t forget to clean behind the refrigerator and oven, where crumbs tend to accumulate. Rodents love crumbs, so be sure to clean countertop appliances like your toaster as well.

Keep an eye on your trash can. Make sure it doesn’t get too full, and avoid throwing away potential food sources and leaving them until the bag is full. Properly cover your trash can when you’re done using it to prevent rodents from finding a way in.

Don’t forget to check the outside of your home as well. Fallen limbs, stacked firewood and piles of leaves all provide excellent places for rodents to hide.

Seal any gaps

Rodents can squeeze into almost any gaps in your doors and walls. Routinely check your home for any gaps or cracks. It’s especially important to search the darkest areas of your home, like the basement and attic, for points of access to the outside. Other spaces rodents like to invade include storage boxes, crawl spaces and vents.

Contact an exterminator

The best way to ensure pesky rodents stay away from your home in the winter is by contacting a reputable exterminator. Exterminators know exactly where rodents like to hide, as well as their favorite ways of sneaking into homes. While it’s possible to get rid of one or two mice with store-bought traps, working with an exterminator can help prevent a full-on infestation.

Don’t let a rodent problem ruin your cozy winter home. Contact the extermination experts at Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. today. We can help rid your home of a variety of pests, including rodents, insects, spiders and more.

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