Are Bedbugs Active in Winter?

December 20, 2021

One of the perks of living in a cold-weather city is that many outdoor bugs like mosquitoes, flies and gnats either die or go dormant once the temperatures drop—but what about other pests like bedbugs? Are bedbugs active in winter?

The answer is yes. Bedbugs typically live exclusively indoors, so they aren’t subjected to the frigid temperatures that other exterior pests are.

This article will cover bedbug seasonal activity with a focus on the winter months. Here are the top FAQs.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are small, red-brown parasitic insects that are often found in or on furniture like beds, chairs and couches. They are known to bite humans who are sleeping and use their blood as sustenance.

What are the signs of bedbug infestation?

You can check your bed or mattress for the telltale signs of bedbug infestation. If bedbugs are present, you’ll likely find small smears or tiny shells in or on your bed. The smears are fecal matter from the bedbugs, and the shells are the bedbugs’ skins that they have shed. If you suspect bedbugs, be sure to check the side of the mattress and any small crevices that you might not have otherwise thought to look at.

What are the physical symptoms of the presence of bedbugs?

Bites from bedbugs are typically raised, red bumps that are itchy, like mosquito bites. You may notice the bites in a straight line or develop hives or a rash. If you notice these symptoms on your body, you’ll want to shower immediately and inspect your bed for bedbugs.

What is the peak season for bedbugs?

When it comes to bedbug seasonal activity, they’re most active in the summer months. This is because they are dehydrated, and they come out looking for water. The warmer temperatures also speed up their breeding cycle, meaning there’s an increased risk of infestation.

Are bedbugs active in winter?

Yes, bedbugs are active in winter. Though they are less active than they are during the summer, in winter, they can still be an issue for travelers and the like. Bedbugs like warmer temperatures, so they stay inside when it gets frosty outside, just like their human hosts. If the temperatures get too cold, they can go into diapause, which is a dormant state that bugs can enter if the weather conditions aren’t ideal.

Aren’t cold temperatures supposed to kill most bugs?

Yes, cold temperatures can kill any living organism, but bedbugs are a tough species and can survive temperatures of 0°F for 80 hours. They’re not easy to eradicate, which is why their proliferation is such a problem.

How do you get rid of bedbugs?

The first step is to call a professional exterminator, because bedbugs aren’t easy to eradicate. The exterminator will then likely use a heat treatment, where the bedbugs are superheated for a set period. This should eliminate the bedbugs, their eggs and their larvae too.

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