How To Prepare for Spring Ants

May 7, 2022

Spring is right around the corner, and it may mean more ants will come marching into our homes. Something about the time of the year brings these pesky and unwanted guests. Is it normal to have a lot of ants in the spring? Without a doubt, it is, but if you are prepared, you’ll be able to tackle this problem head-on. Learn more about spring ant prevention tips below. 

How do I prevent ants in the spring?

Ants are a nuisance and can cause structural damage if they carve nests into your home’s wood structures. Ants can be attracted to any food particles in your kitchen. Like most homes, it’s unlikely that your floor is sparkling clean, especially if you have kids. Crumbs and spills are responsible for attracting all types of ants. However, many ant prevention tips can help keep your home ant-free this spring. They include:

  • Take out the trash regularly and store it in secure fitting bins. It is not a bad idea to spray out your trash can as well.
  • Repair and seal broken screens in windows where ants can crawl through.
  • Keep trees and bushes timed so that ants cannot create a passageway into your home.
  • Deep clean your kitchen periodically to remove built-up grime and dirt. Make sure to place priority on areas surrounding appliances. 
  • Clean up spills and food quickly. Any source of food for ants will attract them quicker.

Other Ways to Stop Ants

  • Use bait. Ants will think the bait is food, but it is a slow-acting poison that they will carry to their nests. 
  • Use sealer around any pipes, electrical outlets, and HVAC units
  • Throw away leftover pet food. Many owners forget to empty their pet’s dishes, and it can cause ants.
  • Ensure the weather stripping around doors is not damaged.
  • Keep the basement and storage areas free of clutter. 
  • Make sure all of your food is stored in airtight containers. 

Hire a Professional 

Getting rid of ants by yourself can be a challenging feat, especially in the spring months. Many homeowners are not able to reach the colony. Professional services can tackle the problem head-on. When in doubt, go with a professional who can get rid of ants quickly and effectively. You don’t have to let ants take control of your home. If you take a proactive approach, you will keep the ants at bay. 


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