Why Fall Is a Rodents Favorite Season

November 7, 2022

Fall is the perfect time of year for rodents for a few different reasons. It is getting cooler, there is plenty of food around, and most people are either taking vacations or are a bit more lax about their rodent prevention. If you are dealing with rodents this fall, it is helpful to understand why to get rid of them fully.

What Time of Year Are Rodents Most Active?

You would think rodents would be more active during summer and spring. They are, in fact, most active during the fall months for a few different reasons. Fall is when there is plenty of food on the ground in the form of nuts and berries that have fallen off the trees and bushes, making them easily accessible.

Fall, especially the weeks just before winter, is the most active time for rodents of all types and sizes as they prepare for winter and start to keep food for the long, cold months. You might notice that mice and other pests tend to make their way into your home, keep reading to find out why.

Why Are There More Rodents in the Fall?

To be realistic, there are not necessarily more rodents during the fall months, people are just more aware of them. During the fall, there are nuts and berries that are on the ground that can be picked up and stored for the winter. The nights are colder and rodents have to find a place to stay so that they do not freeze.

The dropping temperatures at night force these rodents inside your home, your sheds, and even into your vehicles’ engines to find a place to be safe from the cold. Another thing to consider is that the babies that were hidden away during the spring are now adults. They are up and looking for food of their own. You may notice that there are more rodents near or in your home as they seek out the warmth and stable food source that your home provides for them.

This is a problem for most people. The best way to get rid of rodents during the fall and winter months is to take the time to rodent-proof your home, call an exterminator, and take care of any active infestations you might be dealing with. The right company can help you find the solution that will work for you and help you get your rodents under control.  

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