Is Pest Control Needed in the Winter?

January 23, 2023

Pest control is not something that comes and goes with the warm weather. Some pests will try to get into your home year-round, making it essential that you keep your pest control measures up all year round. Though pest control requirements may differ during the winter, they are still needed.

Should You Get Your House Sprayed for Bugs in the Winter?

The simple answer is yes. You need to get your home sprayed for bugs, even during the winter months. You also must take the time to protect your home from pests like raccoons, mice, and rats during the colder winter months.

Though most people assume that bugs go dormant during the winter, that is not the case. Bugs like spiders, flies, and Asian ladybugs do not go dormant during the winter months; they simply move inside your home. These bugs are not out and flying around as they are during the summer and spring; they are inside your home multiplying.

It is essential that during the winter months, you have your home sealed up to prevent any bugs and pests from coming in and that you have any current infestations taken care of. Spider webs and nests are very common during the winter inside your home. Making sure they are removed before they hatch and get into your home is a must.

Is Pest Control Worth it in the Winter?

Like humans and other animals, bugs will try to move into the warmer space that is your home during the winter months. Bugs that would have been outside during the summer months will move into your home to stay warm and come inside to stay alive.

Having your home sprayed for bugs and having extra pest control during the winter months will help ensure that these bugs are unable to make it into your home and cannot make nests inside your home.

Most pest control companies will work with you to help tailor your pest control needs to your home and the current season that you are in. They will work with you to address the particular pests in your area during the winter months. They will also work with you to address issues like gaps in your home that allow these pests in, and any current infestations you might be dealing with.

Pests do not go away simply because it is winter. Taking the time to get a great pest control regimen that goes all year long is the key to ensuring your home stays pest free, no matter what.

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