Why Does My House Have Bugs in the Winter?

January 6, 2023

The issue of bug infestation during the winter can be concerning, and it can be extremely puzzling if you don’t usually have such issues in your home. Believe it or not, it’s quite common for homeowners to experience a sudden increase in bug infestations in the winter. These are some answers to the most common questions about these random attacks. 

Why Is My House Suddenly Full of Bugs?

You are definitely not a happy camper if you suddenly see a bunch of bugs in your home. Your main question is probably, "Why are bugs in my house in winter?" The problem occurs for a variety of reasons, and these are the most common:

Some Bugs Are Year-Round Pests

Some pests are just as hectic in the winter as in the summer. Thus, you’re likely to experience an infestation from them at any time of the year. Rats are an example of such pests, and so are cockroaches. 

Some Bugs Run for Warm Shelter

Another reason you might see a huge increase in bug infestation is that they tend to run for shelter. When the weather shifts from warm to cold, more bugs might try to get into your cozy home, where they can use your heat without paying your electricity bill. 

Other People Might Fumigate

Sometimes bugs run to other people’s homes because certain community members fumigate to get rid of their bugs. This issue is common in apartment complexes when tenants don’t sync their fumigation times. Thus, you might come across the issue if someone in a nearby home decides to bomb bugs. 

Bug-To-Bug Party Invitations

Sometimes bugs come into people’s homes not because of the home but because their bug friends invite them to the party. They think they’re welcome because other bugs invite them. It’s then your job to show them just how unwelcome they truly are. 

You Have an Attractive Pantry

Pantries can cause bugs to come into homes as well. Some bugs might hitch a ride from the grocery store when you buy tasty pantry items. Others might smell your pantry items from outside and want to get into your house for that reason. 

You Have Moisture

Sometimes, a winter bug infestation is more about the moisture level than anything else. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad housekeeper or anything. Some bugs love moisture, and they crowd around when they find homes with a generous amount of wetness in the atmosphere. That might be the reason for your newly experienced bug troubles. You should have no fear or worry at all. 

What To Do About Winter Bug Infestations

Don’t take it personally if you experience a winter bug infestation. You’re not doing anything wrong. Such problems can occur for the reasons mentioned above, and they might be out of your control.

You can take charge of the situation, though. Contact a reliable pest control company and get them to your home and rid you of the issue. The provider will give you tips and tricks for keeping the infestations at a minimum during various times of the year. 

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