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Why Is Winter Pest Control in Central Illinois Still Necessity?

October 24, 2019

As the temperatures continue to dip, it can be easy to slip into an out of sight, out of mind approach to potential pest invasions during the winter months. However, although many pests go dormant during the season, many remain active even in cooler weather, and will burrow deeper into the walls and crevices of your home to wait out the winter and begin preparing for the spring. This means that winter pest control in Central Illinois is a necessity. The guide below will tell you about just a few of the reasons why this service is so vital. Cold... View Article

A Look at Some Common Winter Pests

October 8, 2019

As you make preparations around your home for the arrival of winter, you should consider the steps you’ll need to take to guard your property against common winter pests. But what exactly are the most common pests you need to concern yourself with during the wintertime? Here’s a quick overview of these pests and some good approaches to winter pest control in central Illinois. Rodents House mice are extremely common throughout the United States. They are often found in dark, secluded areas, and can quickly become both a safety and health risk. They can contaminate food, leave their droppings around... View Article

Fall Pest Control Tips for Central Illinois

September 24, 2019

As the colder weather starts to set in, insects and pests from outside are going to try to find warmer spaces where they can stay comfortable. This means they’re going to look for paths to get into your home. Once you have a pest problem in your home, it can be hard to get rid of, so your best bet is to make sure you’re emphasizing prevention. Here are some pest control tips for central Illinois that you can put into practice this fall to make sure you’re able to keep pests out of your home all winter long: Place... View Article

Tips for Rodent Control

September 6, 2019

Sharing a home with mice and other rodents is something that no homeowner wants to do. They can inhabit any room in your home and need very little space to travel or survive. In fact, mice can come into your home through openings the size of a nickel. Once inside, a sighting can cause alarm, but they do more damage than that. They can chew through electrical wires as well as carry bacteria and contaminate your home. Luckily, there are many ways you can combat rodent problems on your own, and professional rodent control in central Illinois can also help.... View Article

Signs You May Have Termites

August 23, 2019

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home, especially if left untreated. However, they can also be hard to detect, and by the time you notice their presence, they’ve likely already done quite a number on your property. Fortunately, there are some signs that you may have termites, in which case you need to call for termite treatment in central Illinois as soon as possible. Before your property suffers significant damage that alerts you to the reality that you have termites, look out for these warning signs so you can take care of the problem: Drywall problems: Watch... View Article

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