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What You Need to Know About the Termite Swarming Season

March 27, 2019

The months of February through May are generally considered swarming season for termites in the Midwest. This is the time in which most termites start to leave their already established colonies to look for new areas where they can flock to and breed. This is the best time of year for termites to do this because the weather gets warmer and damper, both of which are conditions that termites seek out when they’re looking for new places to live. During these months, the winged swarmer termites head out to mate while they look for their next home. Meanwhile, a queen... View Article

The Differences Between Ants and Termites

March 27, 2019

There are a lot of visual similarities between flying ants and termites—so many, in fact, that people might see ants flying around their home and be nervous that they have a termite infestation on their property. Both ants and termites swarm, which means they’ll send out flying ants or termites to mate and find new homes, and they might even live very closely alongside each other. This can make matters confusing, but there are ways you can tell them apart. Here is some information from an exterminator in Central Illinois about the key differences between ants and termites. Location The... View Article

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