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What Attracts Crickets and How Do I Keep Them Away?

June 21, 2022

Crickets are a loud and annoying pest that can make their way into your home. They are not harmful, but you’ll want to figure out why you have them in your home. Continue reading to find common reasons for crickets and how to keep them out of your house.  Why Do I Have Crickets In My Home? It’s frustrating for any homeowner to have unwelcome pests inside their home. The most common reasons for crickets include moisture or damp areas, bright lights, tall grass, and small cracks or gaps in your home. Addressing these different factors can help eliminate crickets... View Article

Common Spiders To Look Out For This Summer

June 7, 2022

Are there certain spiders more common in the summer? Summer seasons present a myriad of issues to homeowners. Many insects come from hibernation, and you’re likely to see them at home. Spiders are prevalent. They are dangerous insects that can cause severe injuries and health problems. So, what house spiders are common in the summer? Long-Bodied Cellar Spider This spider is very common in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s often mistaken for a daddy-long-legs spider. They are both docile to humans but can be a nuisance. The long-bodied cellar spider is light brown or gray and has a long, skinny... View Article

Information You Need to Know About Termites This Spring

May 21, 2022

Termites can literally destroy your home. They cause damage to the structural wood, the inside of your walls, and even your wooden furniture. They multiply quickly and like warm climates to breed. So, if you live in the warmer part of the U.S., you need to inspect your home for termite infestation. If spotted early, these pests’ damage can be reduced and contained. When should I expect termites? The subterranean termites are the most common species of termites in the United States. They burrow in the wood or the soil most of the time, so their hiding places may not... View Article

How To Prepare for Spring Ants

May 7, 2022

Spring is right around the corner, and it may mean more ants will come marching into our homes. Something about the time of the year brings these pesky and unwanted guests. Is it normal to have a lot of ants in the spring? Without a doubt, it is, but if you are prepared, you’ll be able to tackle this problem head-on. Learn more about spring ant prevention tips below.  How do I prevent ants in the spring? Ants are a nuisance and can cause structural damage if they carve nests into your home’s wood structures. Ants can be attracted to... View Article

What Is Rodent Season and How Do I Prepare?

April 21, 2022

Spring is finally here. The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and the bees and butterflies are beginning to make their pollen rounds. Springtime can vary a bit depending on where you live, but one thing that many people have in common is the presence of rodents in their homes. Warmer weather causes all of the critters in your attics, basement, walls and garage to venture inside and outside of your home. However, there are ways in which you can prepare to minimize damage in the future. Preparing for Rodent Season Did you know that spring starts the breeding season for... View Article

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