Smells Caused By Pests in The Home


Many pests are hidden from sight. Sometimes a rotten stench is the only way to know if you’re living with unwanted guests. Below are a few common smells to help you identify pests that are lurking about. If none of these smells match what’s in your house, our exterminators in central Illinois can help you identify pest odors.


Odor is a dead giveaway that cockroaches have taken up residence in your home. They emit an oily smell that’s easy to spot right away. Unlike other pests, cockroaches are very pungent and will stink up the entire house. You’ll have zero difficulty identifying this pest odor!

Be on alert for an acidic smell, too. Dead cockroaches release this scent during the decomposition process. That’s why if you discover a cockroach scuttling in your kitchen, you’re better off not squashing it. No matter how many you kill, the only way to exterminate a cockroach infestation is by calling the pest control experts in central Illinois.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a pesky insect that can sneak into carpet, mattresses, clothes and whatever else is made of fabric. In contrast to cockroaches, these critters release a very sweet and musty smell. If you’re trying to identify pest odors, you may also find stains that smell like a penny. That’s because bed bugs feed on human blood and produce feces with a copper scent.

However, you won’t notice the stench with just a few bed bugs in your mattress. A sweet or coppery smell indicates you’ve got a full-blown bed bug infestation on your hands. Bed bugs are impossible to get rid of on your own and require a team of exterminators for proper removal.

Rats and Mice

Urine is another smell to identify pests in your home. Rats and mice mark their territory by urinating in certain spots around the house. This smell could mislead pet owners who assume their furry friend is going to the bathroom indoors. But if you see tiny droppings and gnaw marks, that’s a sure sign rodents are living with you.

Stink Bugs

If the smell of coriander permeates throughout your house, it’s not because someone’s cooking in the kitchen. Oddly enough, stink bugs release this strong scent from pores in their bodies. Coriander smells different to everybody, usually presenting itself as a zesty or rotten scent. Either way, you’ll know stink bugs are lingering in your home.

When you cross paths with a stink bug, the last thing you want to do is squash it. These critters smell bad enough when they’re alive. If you kill one, the stink bug will bomb your house with its rotten smell! The best way to rid your home of stink bugs is to call a trusted exterminator in central Illinois.

Never overlook a funky smell. The second you discover a pest, contact the professionals at Crist Termite and Pest Solutions. We’re familiar with smells to identify pests and will exterminate an infestation in just a single afternoon. All you have to do is describe the smell, and we’ll bring the right tools to get rid of it.

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