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Pests and Insects You Might Encounter This Spring

March 7, 2023

As the weather warms up, pests and insects come out of hiding. These critters look for food, lodging and breeding ground. To protect your home and property from infestations, start prevention planning early. Identify and prevent access points to your home such as door sweeps, window screens and caulk around doors, windows and walls. Houseflies Flies are scavengers and feed on a variety of waste products. They liquefy solid foods with their spongy mouthparts and regurgitate them wherever they rest. These filth flies may be found in trash cans, compost piles, animal feces and moist soil. They are capable of... View Article

Do You Have a Hornet Nest?

June 2, 2020

Hornets are aggressive, and that can be a big problem if you or a member of your household is allergic to stings. This is especially harrowing when you consider that hornets and wasps kill more people each year than aggressive dogs or venomous snakes. This makes it vital that you detect nests quickly and do something about it before the insects become a threat. Here are four hornet nest signs to look out for when you are outside inspecting your Central Illinois home: More wasps than usual: If your once yellowjacket- or wasp-free yard suddenly features these flying insects, it... View Article

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