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Tips To Prevent Ticks This Summer

July 7, 2022

How do I prevent tick bites this summer? Are there ways to prevent ticks? This will be a common question as summer approaches. Ticks usually become common during this period, increasing your chances of being bitten. These tips will help you to prevent bites and associated health problems. 1. Create a Tick-Free Zone Creating a tick-free zone is one of the best ways to prevent tick bites. This can be done in your backyard or any other area where you frequently spend time outdoors. Keep the grass short and remove any leaf litter, brush, and weeds. Ticks like to hide... View Article

What Attracts Crickets and How Do I Keep Them Away?

June 21, 2022

Crickets are a loud and annoying pest that can make their way into your home. They are not harmful, but you’ll want to figure out why you have them in your home. Continue reading to find common reasons for crickets and how to keep them out of your house.  Why Do I Have Crickets In My Home? It’s frustrating for any homeowner to have unwelcome pests inside their home. The most common reasons for crickets include moisture or damp areas, bright lights, tall grass, and small cracks or gaps in your home. Addressing these different factors can help eliminate crickets... View Article

What Happens to Ants in the Winter?

October 19, 2021

Like many pests, ants tend to disappear during the winter. But have you ever wondered where they go? Most species of ants tend to spend their winters in a warm, safe place. This is why you might notice more ants in your home as the colder weather starts to hit. Even if you don’t notice them, there could be ants and other pests hiding in the crevices of your home to escape the outdoors. Read on if you’re interested in learning how ants prepare for the winter. They eat a lot One of the first thing ants do prepare for... View Article

How to Avoid Common Stinging Insects

July 5, 2021

You want to enjoy the nice seasonal weather, but spending time outdoors also brings you face to face with stinging insects. A sting may cause anything from minor pain to a major allergic reaction, so it’s important to understand how to avoid stinging encounters. Use the following information to educate yourself about common stinging insects and how to avoid nasty stings: Honey bees: These insects are the ones responsible for fertilizing many agricultural products. Therefore, it’s important to keep them around. However, you probably don’t want them near your home. Watch for honey bee nests in structures such as sheds... View Article

Why Do Honeybees Build Nests in Your Home?

April 2, 2021

Honeybees are constantly looking for protected environments in which they can build their nests without having to worry about being disturbed. In many cases, certain areas of your house (exterior or even interior) might serve their purposes quite well. This is due to a couple factors. There is a scarcity of natural, preferred honeybee nesting sites (one of the reasons honeybee populations are rapidly falling), and wooden homes tend to have a large number of suitable nesting sites available for bees to take advantage of. Bees actually do quite well in urban environments, and in those environments, wooden houses have... View Article

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