Insect Control in Arthur, IL

Our insect control capabilities extend to just about any unwanted guests…

You might be dealing with unwanted critters. Unlike other bedbug removal and insect control companies in Central Illinois that use a one-size-fits-all method for addressing pests, we tailor our insect control solutions around your specific situation. Whether you’ve got rats and mice or mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders, ant or termite problems, rest assured our approach will completely eliminate the problem and prevent it from returning.

Rat & Mouse Control

Prevention is the best form of rat and mouse control in Central Illinois. We have an outside perimeter reduction program, creating bait stations outside to eliminate rodents from getting inside. Our bait stations are child-proof plastic boxes, built to be inaccessible by kids, cats and anything other than rats and mice. The rodent eats the bait and dies in another location. This service is monitored on a quarterly basis, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Bedbug Treatments

Our bedbug removal approach is a three-pronged attack, spread out over 6 weeks (3 treatments). First, we use insecticides for bed bug control, attacking full-grown bedbugs. Next, we use steam to control eggs and young nymphs, so no more offspring can reproduce to continue the cycle. Finally, we encourage you wash all of your sheets and clothes on high heat.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches may have a reputation for being invincible, but we know they’re not. We use an insecticide treatment for cockroach control, sometimes incorporated with baits. We guarantee our work and promise you’ll be left with a cockroach-free home or business by the time we’re done. And, if you do see one, we’ll come back and attack the problem all over again to get it right.

Mosquito Control

For mosquito control, we identify and advise eliminating standing water. From there, we focus on an application of an adulticide and a growth regulator, treating outside areas around the landscaping. We focus on their roosting areas (prone to moisture). This treatment should be done every 4-6 weeks for maximum effect.

Spider & Flea Removal

Using perimeter treatments and indoor reduction treatments, we eliminate structural infestations by seasonal bugs and other pests. Our focus on prevention and perimeter protection lowers the chance of an infestation. And, if pests do get into your home, we put together a tailored spider or flea removal plan to eradicate them.

Don’t let bugs in your home or business!

As soon as you see pests, make the call to Crist Termite and Pest Solutions, Inc. for focused bedbug treatments and other insect control services. We’ll assess the situation, pinpoint the pest and deliver results that leave your facilities free and clear of unwanted guests.
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