Why Are There Beetles in My House This Winter and How Do I Prevent Them

February 21, 2023

Pests are something that are present in more homes than you might imagine. Even if you have never had pests of any kind before, your home has the potential to be infiltrated by beetles and other nasty little bugs. Knowing why the bugs are there and how to get rid of them can help you reclaim your home.

Why Do I Suddenly Have Beetles in My House?

Beetles are some of the most common and prolific pests that exist today. Even if you have never had beetles in your home before, your home is not impervious to these crafty little pests. There are over 300,000 types of beetle all around the world, and odds are you have come across some. One of the most common beetles we see during winter is called the multicolored Asian lady beetle. These look like ladybugs, but they are a soft brown instead of the vibrant red we are used to.

These beetles are very small, resilient, and can get into the smallest cracks in your home. As the temperature outside drops, beetles and other insects will seek out places that are warmer and dry, like the inside of your home. They will be driven in by the colder weather, and when they do get in, they are hard to get rid of. One of the best ways to avoid an infestation is to prevent them from ever entering the home.

How Do I Prevent Beetles This Winter? 

One of the best things you can do to prevent beetles this winter is to ensure that your windows, doors, and other points of entry are sealed up tight. You can caulk around doors and windows to get rid of those small little spaces through which the beetles can get in.

You can also make sure that you keep your yard free of things like large woodpiles or leaf piles, as beetles tend to feed off of them and will live in them. You can also get your yard and home sprayed by a reliable pest control service. Beetles are nasty; they can make your house dirty, make your home uncomfortable, and even bite.

Keeping these pests out of your home can help you keep things clean and tidy. If you can, sealing any space they can enter through, making sure your yard is tidy, and even getting a pest service to spray is a great place to start.

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